Would You Ever Stop Brushing Your Teeth in the Morning?

The healing benefit of the physical practice of yoga is very similar to the benefit of brushing your teeth every day. When you use your body on a daily basis, sediment accumulates along the interior spaces. If we don’t clean out these toxins and impurities the body will slowly decay.
Yoga poses cleanse and brushes the body from within and goes to all the darkest corners with twists, bends, folds and breath to cleanse out stuck material.
Through the constant cleansing of the body in the yoga poses (asanas), we prevent the body’s organs and neuromuscular systems to grow sluggish. With regular yoga practice we maintain a healthy level of pliability throughout life.

On an emotional and psychological level, the yoga poses increase conscious awareness of every part of your body. Just like plaque accumulates on the teeth and inside the arteries, old emotions remain stuck inside the subtle body. The body is like a reservoir of old memories, emotions and habits. When yoga poses bring you to areas of old fears and patterns of negative feelings, they might arise again temporarily, but yoga then also frees you from this past and allows you to experience a positive, balanced and harmonious life now and in the future.
Let’s keep brushing our teeth, and breathing through our yoga.

Namaste, Natalia

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