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Corporate Sessions

Practice • Connect • Evolve

Become a more attractive company to your employees/colleagues and future employees with corporate yoga, meditation and/or breath work. Show them you care.

Company yoga has proven to create:

increase productivity
reduce sick days
create higher satisfaction in colleagues’ worklife
reduce staff turnover
reduce tension and stress
helps focus and prepare for meetings and important decisions
reduce pain in shoulders, neck, hands wrists, headaches

Corporate yoga sessions can be planned for everyone to join in. I tailor make it to suit your company’s needs. From meditation and breath work to a physical work out for everyone. with highly effective yet simple poses and flows. I guide and support everyone.

Corporate yoga can take place in the office, outside, or online from home, during your next corporate retreat or for your next health and
wellness day.

I offer individual packages with sessions of 30/45/60 minutes for your entire company.

Executive sessions include meditation to stay focused calm and clear, breath work and yoga to get rid of tension.

It is a highly effective and low cost investment for companies. Danish companies can get tax exception for “Company Sport”, which corporate
yoga belongs under.

Kindly contact me for a conversation about corporate yoga for your company

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Warm recommendation In the sports association of the Semler Group, we have had Natalia as our yoga instructor for a year now and can warmly recommend her. Natalia is extremely competent, pedagogical, and incredibly skilled at both imparting knowledge and guiding us through new positions, as well as focusing on breathing and mindset. We have learned a lot during the year we have had her, and we look forward to each week when we have the pleasure of her teaching. Natalia is a calm and balanced person with both feet firmly grounded on the mat, when she's not just standing on one. Natalia brings out the best in us, and we feel like the most accomplished students in the whole world after an hour of her expert guidance. A better yoga instructor cannot be found.

Best regards, Semler Group's sports association
“I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU that you offered the active breaks and digital yoga sessions during
the last weeks! I’ve never seen this at a company before (only heard of it), but just wanted to let you know
that it’s been a true highlight in those days while working from home with way too little breaks and far too
little work-out"
Medical Company
"Natalia’s teaching methods quickly made me addicted to yoga on a weekly basis. It has been a great
support in my online work, where I sit in front of a computer most of the time. Her instructions were
easy to follow and I appreciated, that she always made it possible to do the exercises in different ways
depending on your experience with yoga."
Lilian from a language school

Let Me Help You

I meet you where YOU are in your life right now. We take steps from there, together, simple but dedicated steps, so you can experience the transformation to a happier and healthier YOU.

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