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I will take you on your wellness journey through yoga meditation  breath work as well as delicious & nutritious food. 

Are you ready to step into a more mindful connection with  yourself, to dive deeper within, and fly higher?  

I am here to help you build a physical yoga practice, understand  deep breathing, learn to meditate, find clarity and inspiration and  encourage nourishing delicious changes to your meals, so you can  thrive. 

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A Comprehensive Online Asthanga Yoga Journey.

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Are you ready to learn, develop your practice, be challenged, go into detail, and do it all over again?

The Asthanga sequence is a fixed set of poses stringed together, so that one pose opens the body and prepares it for the next pose. It allows you to feel the benefit of repeating the practice, deepening your knowledge of each pose and noticing your development as you learn the sequence from the top, adding 1-2 poses per session. Though Asthanga Yoga offers the possibility to explore your end range of motion, strength, and balance, it is easy to adapt the practice to your body and your needs. You learn to flow to the count of the breath and deepen your inhales and exhales.

Asthanga Yoga is one method of aspiring towards deeper experience of yourself.

Join, learn and enjoy the benefits of your practice.

We start 14 August and continue till 6 December 2023 with a 2-week break from 16-25 October. Sessions are live Mondays and Wednesdays 6:30-7:30 AM CETS/CET. I will remind you of these dates but do write them in your calendar now, so you can plan around it and give yourself the gift of enjoying the full benefit of the practice. If you are joining the recordings decide when you will schedule the sessions to follow. They are released within 24 hours of the live session.

Free all round yoga practice for you

“Yoga does not just change the way we see things, it transforms the person who sees.”

B.K.S Iyengar

My body is thanking me every day. Every day my shoulder blades, my neck, my legs, feel easier, looser, more flexible, more balanced, stronger. I feel so much better in myself.
“I needed some form of activity during lockdown and your web page was encouraging.

I felt very stiff and a bit ‘achey’, simply from not moving around very much and built up tension. I liked it very much throughout, it is so convenient and I like that my children can see me practising yoga, it shows them that exercise is part of life and that I care enough about myself to do it. It also shows them that parents fall too! And get back up. And fall again! I felt that you were keeping an eye on me and that I could ask for help. I think that occasionally it would be good to do yoga in person just to get the close physical check, alongside virtual sessions. Your instructions around ‘take what you can get’, when one is in a challenging position, and also around ‘okay, hold it for a sweet five seconds’, really makes it clear as to what one should be experiencing in a given pose. The guidance was really very clear, which helps make the virtual sessions so productive. Now when I walk up or down the slightly steep stairs in my house, the back of my heels going into my calves is very comfortable and my tread is more secure because my heels rest down firmly. That area used to be stiff and I had to be more careful on the stairs because my natural tread was to simply step mostly on the balls of my feet, my heel never fully stepped on the stairs. It is a nice feeling!

My body is thanking me every day. Every day my shoulder blades, my neck, my legs, feel easier, looser, more flexible, more balanced, stronger. I feel so much better in myself.”

Rain Newel Lewis
Natalia is the most accommodating Yoga teacher I have ever met
Natalia is the most accommodating Yoga teacher I have ever met. Her profession and her way of leading through the class is absolutely brillant. She loves and lives Yoga and shares these moments with her students.After many years of looking for the right style and class with the right teacher and a way to practice Yoga for my preference of a mix of relaxation and challenging workout, luckily I found Natalia's class!Since I joined Natalia Yoga classes I experience less back pain and more flexibility. Natalia also encourages to try different poses and from time to time more challenging poses. It feels great to be able to bend or stretch deeper than I though I could.

Anita Schuh

Let Me Help You

I meet you where YOU are in your life right now. We take steps from there, together, simple but dedicated steps, so you can experience the transformation to a happier and healthier YOU.

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