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As for most children, I loved to move, dance, jump, swim, swing, bicycle and wondered about adults who could resist the temptation to run up a grassy hill. I just felt that I became happier when I moved. It boosted my mood. Frustrations slipped away and problems became easier to solve. As an adult leading a full-on life and feeling stressed a lot of the time, I started looking for a stronger mind-body connection, for balance and skills to help me feel grounded. I found yoga, breath work and meditation.

I have suffered severe back, neck should, and knee pain, and for months hardly been able to walk. With the right adaptions to suit the needs of my body, yoga was an instrumental part of my healing. When my clients are in pain, we address it together. My practice of yoga has given me physical strength. It has been truly transformative and helped me find balance and stability. I now look much deeper within, breathe more fully, and have a world of opportunities to help myself in so many aspects of life, and I am ready to help you as well

I come from an international family spread around the world, and I feel I am a bit from all over, and yet, I was born and brought up in Denmark. My husband and I have been posted to the Philippines twice, Uganda, Zambia and Bangladesh. We have four daughters. During Covid we moved back to Denmark where we are now based. We have travelled to many parts of the world. It is truly a joy trough yoga to bring a diversity of people from different continents together to practice yoga online.From lattes, lunches, day trips to a retreat, my clients have enjoyed the community aspect centred around my group yoga. When we moved back to Denmark during the pandemic I switched to online yoga. I now teach yoga to corporates, groups and privates from around the world. To have a chat and check in before and/or after the sessions is really valuable to me but also to my students. It helps me hold space and create a container for transformation for them. To make sure all group members have a chance to participate every time, I send out recordings from each session.

I finished my Asthanga Vinyasa RYT 200 in 2014 from Centered Yoga, Samahita, Thailand with Paul Dallaghan, Elonne Stockton and Arielle Nash and have returned for advanced teacher training in philosophy, anatomy, somatic movements, fascial integration, asana, pranayama and meditation. My teachers Richard Freeman and Mary Taylor are some of my biggest inspirations. As a specialist in 1:1 sessions I have studied with Francesca Cervero and had my daily practice with Rebecca De Villa for four years. I hold a Yoga Alliance E-RYT 200 and RYT 500. Studying and teaching yoga is a continuous journey I truly enjoy. I can’t wait for you to come along. I am there for you to guide support and teach you as well.

Let Me Help You

I meet you where YOU are in your life right now. We take steps from there, together, simple but dedicated steps, so you can experience the transformation to a happier and healthier YOU.

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