Private Sessions

Practice • Connect • Evolve

We look at your specific needs and goals, and in the  comfort of your home or online, I take you through a  practice of yoga tailor made for you. This is really your  time and we can focus the yoga practice on what you need.  Many enjoy and prefer a combination of meditation, breath  exercises and yoga. 

BRING BALANCE BACK INTO YOUR BODY Private sessions is my speciality. 

In our private sessions 1:1 either in person or online we  create classes based on your physical and emotional needs.  I support and challenge you from there.

Does your body now needs a bit extra attention and selfcare? I will  help you with with aches, pains, stiffness, weight regulation, feel  better, and build a practice going forward in a happier body.

Are you not comfortable in yoga classes, and prefer a more  personal experience of yoga suited just for you.Without  distractions from others, and you can enjoy this tailormade  practice fully with a strong internal sense of being supported.

Is your head spinning with thoughts, worries or stress? You learn  to breathe properly and deeply though pranayama techniques, to  just sit, and find peace, clarity, and strength through the seated  practice of yoga.

Are you exercising but need more? Yoga complements sports  beautifully. Through your private yoga sessions you will build a  more receptive body that will support your sport.

Let Me Help You

I meet you where YOU are in your life right now. We take steps from there, together, simple but dedicated steps, so you can experience the transformation to a happier and healthier YOU.

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