Arms, Bakasana & Core

Explore your potential and your passion in the online yoga course from 2. November to 10. December 2021. Your yoga sequences will be very well balanced and rounded for the whole body and mind with the focus on core, arms and the crow pose - called Bakasana.

The aim of the course is for you to feel stronger, and more resilient in a playful dance with the crow, also called Bakasana in Sanskrit.

Join the 6 week (twice a week) online yoga course. Receive the recordings and keep them for the rest of the year. You have the total freedom to choose to participate live or follow the recorded sessions.

I'd love to offer you progressive breath work and have more time for Savasana, which means that on Fridays we will start 15 minutes earlier than usual so you only get these components as something extra and nothing is taken away from the physical practice.

So often we find poses challenging and frustrating and blame it on our stiff bodies or lack of strength. So often it is a question of 3 things:

1 preparing a pose correctly, so the body is ready and warm

2 learning the technique on where to place the bodyparts and how to get in and out of poses

3 practice practice practice as with all other skills in life.

Combining Bakasana with arm & core strength will do just that.

Please do contact me with any questions you might have.


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I meet you where YOU are in your life right now. We take steps from there, together, simple but dedicated steps, so you can experience the transformation to a happier and healthier YOU.

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