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Natalia is the most accommodating Yoga teacher I have ever met
Natalia is the most accommodating Yoga teacher I have ever met. Her profession and her way of leading through the class is absolutely brillant. She loves and lives Yoga and shares these moments with her students.After many years of looking for the right style and class with the right teacher and a way to practice Yoga for my preference of a mix of relaxation and challenging workout, luckily I found Natalia's class!Since I joined Natalia Yoga classes I experience less back pain and more flexibility. Natalia also encourages to try different poses and from time to time more challenging poses. It feels great to be able to bend or stretch deeper than I though I could.

Anita Schuh
“I feel Natalia’s classes had a tremendous impact on my overall wellbeing, body awareness and flexibility"
I have started yoga classes with Natalia when I lived in Bangladesh back in 2014 and as soon as I learned that she was teaching online, I didn’t hesitate to join her online classes. I have practiced yoga for 6 years and I have to say Natalia is one of the best teachers I have ever had. She always comes to the classes with a positive energy, a warm smile and her yoga flow is just what I need during the day to feel energized and full of strength. Thanks to Natalia, I have developed a life-long passion for yoga and her classes are the best gift you can give to yourself!

Natalia is very attentive during the classes and even if online she ensures that each of us are properly doing the poses and that we get the most out of the classes. Her yoga flow in each class is just a perfect combination of poses, breathing exercises and meditation to properly feel the stretch, the strength but at the same time to relax and letting go.

I feel Natalia’s classes had a tremendous impact on my overall wellbeing, bodyawareness and flexibility. And most important, since I have been practicing yoga my back pain has improved dramatically.”

Manuela Tolmino
My body is thanking me every day. Every day my shoulder blades, my neck, my legs, feel easier, looser, more flexible, more balanced, stronger. I feel so much better in myself.
“I needed some form of activity during lockdown and your web page was encouraging.

I felt very stiff and a bit ‘achey’, simply from not moving around very much and built up tension. I liked it very much throughout, it is so convenient and I like that my children can see me practising yoga, it shows them that exercise is part of life and that I care enough about myself to do it. It also shows them that parents fall too! And get back up. And fall again! I felt that you were keeping an eye on me and that I could ask for help. I think that occasionally it would be good to do yoga in person just to get the close physical check, alongside virtual sessions. Your instructions around ‘take what you can get’, when one is in a challenging position, and also around ‘okay, hold it for a sweet five seconds’, really makes it clear as to what one should be experiencing in a given pose. The guidance was really very clear, which helps make the virtual sessions so productive. Now when I walk up or down the slightly steep stairs in my house, the back of my heels going into my calves is very comfortable and my tread is more secure because my heels rest down firmly. That area used to be stiff and I had to be more careful on the stairs because my natural tread was to simply step mostly on the balls of my feet, my heel never fully stepped on the stairs. It is a nice feeling!

My body is thanking me every day. Every day my shoulder blades, my neck, my legs, feel easier, looser, more flexible, more balanced, stronger. I feel so much better in myself.”

Rain Newel Lewis
“I love how by the end of the course you can see how much you have improved on the particular area you are focusing on.
I have had the pleasure and opportunity to take classes with Natalia when she was living in Bangladesh. I have always enjoyed the calmness that these classes bring me so the moment I heard that she would do online classes I jumped at the chance to join. Working from home during this time has made me lessactive, and has given tension on my body especially my back. This was a great opportunity to take some time out of my day to give to myself and body.
At the beginning it took some getting

used to, especially with leaving my camera on but I soon forgot about this and focused on my practice. With online yoga the re-alignment cannot happen in person but Natalia is great at noticing your posture and advising accordingly.
My best moment of this experience is seeing us all come together from all over the world to share our time and practice.

With Natalia’s courses you are always building up to something. I love how by
the end of the course you can see how much you have improved on the
particular area you are focusing on. It has been great to set aside an hour of my time away from work or current stresses of the world. It has helped with clearing my mind and body of all the tension. It has been a very positive experience for
me and I cannot wait to start the next course.
Rebecca Samuels
She is considered of each person’s needs
“I practiced yoga for 14-15 years before I started with Natalia. The parts that stand out about Natalia’s yoga is that the small details she focuses on make a huge difference for me. She is a competent teacher and works through the entire body, she is considered of each person’s individuals needs and challenges. It makes me sweat. I feel I become relaxed, grounded and happy from practicing with Natalia.”Solveig Soendergaard
After a class with Natalia I feel utter peace, total calmness and positive.
“I very much enjoyed the first yoga class, and since then decided to have those classes part of my weekly routine and added to it private classes as well. Natalia is deeply knowledgeable in this field yoga, and everything that is related to it such as anatomy, physiology, even when it comes to nutrition. She has such a beautiful spirit with great serenity and calmness. During class, she always gives variations and can accommodate all the different levels of her students in a very smart way. Her classes are not boring but rather fun! Physically, i was able to shed off some kilos; and realizing the hidden kind of “super power” within my body is the real achievement. I have never dreamt of being able to do head stand in my life. Guess what? I did it!”

I have benefitted from increased core strength and flexibility as well as improved balance in my body.
“I had not really practiced yoga before and I was unsure that my lack of knowledge and abilities would fit in with the class. Natalia’s warm and welcoming nature and the comfortable atmosphere was great. I also felt physically challenged by learning something new. I have played a lot of racquet sports that puts more strain on one side of my body and I feel regularly practicing yoga with Natalia is helping to reduce tension and pain and allow me to participate in other activities without injury.“

Overall, we can truly say we feel more agile, stronger, energetic & sparkly and it’s all Natalia’s fault
"My husband and I look forward to our morning yoga sessions with Natalia. She is an excellent teacher, patiently explaining the purpose of each pose, guiding & reassuring us through each step yet focusing always on safety first. We appreciate how she adapts our practice to our current needs/ailments, yet continues to encourage & challenge us to go deeper.“

Mariles and Mike
Practicing Yoga truly transformed me in finding myself.
"When I moved to Manila I desperately looked for a yoga group and whoever I talked to gave me one name: Natalia! That is how I met her and became a part of her beautiful yoga group. I also started 1:1 sessions with her. She made me fall in love with yoga in each session, and that yoga mat became my safe space where I would laugh out loud sometimes, or practice a pose with tears rolling down my cheeks. Natalia stands out! From day one, she makes you feel a true part of the group; she spends time and effort to understand the special needs or physical restrictions of her students. No matter how crowded the group is, she makes you feel that she has an eye on you and is ready to help/correct whenever needed. She has this beautiful energy around her which makes you feel good the moment you enter the room. She always greets you with a big smile but then makes you sweat throughout the session, lets you challenge your limits, she inspires you with a few words or even a look. Just after a super difficult pose, she can crack a joke which brings everyone to the moment again. She is one of a few people I will carry in my heart to wherever I move…. Not only does yoga make me feel healthier and stronger but also calmer and more peaceful. I also started understanding food and it’s effect on my body.”

Practicing Yoga truly transformed me in finding myself
I had practiced Yoga every once in a while, before but after practicing with Natalia, I’d say I came to know how beneficial yoga can be for you and I started practicing regularly every week. After a few months, Natalia saw my practice and believed that I could also teach and become a teacher, her guidance and support has helped me become a certified yoga teacher and be able to share my knowledge to others.Natalia’s enthusiasm, patience and her love for yoga are what stand up in her classes. Her instructions and cues are clear and specific and Natalia would always give us theoption of alternate poses if needed and help adjust me so I can get the full benefits of the pose.

Practicing Yoga allows me to bring my mind, body and soul back into balance
“Natalia was my first Yoga teacher and helped me learn from basics and insisted that I kept my breathing sequence correct. She paid attention to details including my posture and how I was breathing. She also knew when to push her students and let them explore deeper experiences. She understood my strengths and weakness and helped me stretch and get deeper experience when possible.”

My sense of overall well-being has increased my positivity a few notches.
"Upon the advise of my oncologist to take on mind body exercises I searched for a yoga instructor. Natalia was a referral from my wife’s friend who also teaches yoga. I thought she was a very good teacher, with a pleasant demeanor and encouraging attitude. Her ability to customize my orientation and initiation into yoga felt so natural. While I wanted to push myself, she encouraged me, and at the same time, I know she was figuring out whether I am challenging myself too much and she did checkpoints every so often. There were days when I felt extraordinarily good about myself after sessions with her. I feel much better with my body. I think my spine and breathing have significantly improved. I am able to focus and concentrate more meaningfully. I am better able to isolate where pains are located.”


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