One thing I have never regretted

I will be very honest with you and admit that I do not always feel like practicing yoga. On those days, I feel I at least owe myself to question why. Sometimes there can be very good reasons for it, which for me can be if I am feeling sick, if sleeping is more important or one of my children really needs me. Some days I acknowledge that I am just not really up for it. Maybe a shoulder hurts a bit, I am short on time or the thought of having a long brunch feels more appealing. And hey, that is all okay, we are just humans, not tick-tocking machines that just do it.Practicing yoga is never forced, but we need to recognise that neither is it always a pleasure. However, on the more challenging days it is okay to just get on the mat, do some deep breathing, rest in child's pose, experience a good side stretch and that is it. Maybe it does make me want to practice more and I add sun salutations, some standing poses, a pigeon pose and savasana. I have never once regretted that I practiced on those days. Every practice has shifted something inside of me to the better, sometimes I feel more grounded, balanced, my chest opens, I feel lighter and ready to let go. I love to meet and greet the mat without any expectation of an outcome. The sensation of the shift keeps me coming back. Other times it helps to know someone is waiting for me, and that is just the nudge that gets me into comfortable clothes, the hair in a messy bun and the feet on the mat. What different feelings and sensations have you experienced after a yoga session?

We are starting next week. Are you ready again? Below are the details for you. I look forward to seeing you.
Picture of Triangle Pose by photographer Birgitte Heiberg Andersen.

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